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  • Malatya GoTürkiye

    Promising to provide visitors an unforgettable Anatolian holiday in every sense.

    Malatya is one of the important crossroads of our country, which brings civilizations together today as it did in the past.

    Malatya has been at the crossroads of Anatolia and the Middle East since the ancient times. The oldest road in the east; is the road that stretches from Malatya-Sivas to Erzurum and from there to the Caucasus. We can also call this the Karasu Aras road. On the other hand, the road to the Southeast, through Malatya and Diyarbakır to Mesopotamia is important. Another road opened between the mountains in the south connects Urfa to Malatya via Adıyaman.

    The mentioned roads join in Malatya to the Caucasus in the north, Çukurova, Mesopotamia and Syria in the south, the Aegean coast in the west, Iran in the east and the far east. These roads had been operating since the time of Akkadian king Sargon.  Hittite Kings used this road; King Suppiluliuma marched through this road and descended to the Lower Euphrates, thus crossing the Euphrates River around Malatya. The trade and cultural exchange between Mesopotamia and Anatolia on this road have increased the historical and cultural importance of Malatya.