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    Sarıçiçek Plateau

    In the Ottoman period, Sarıçiçek Plateau located within the borders of Dağili township became famous as "the source of cheese and honey". The average altitude of the plateau is between 1500 and 1700 meters. In the region surrounded by mountains, Kozluk Stream flows through deep valleys called Kayaarası. There is oak as vegetation sparsely, willow, poplar, plane tree and fruit trees on the water's edge.

    Hasançelebi Ilıca Recreation Area

    This area is located in the Hasançelebi town of Hekimhan, 100 kilometers from Malatya and three kilometers from Hasançelebi. The artificial lake has an area of 10.000 m². The lake and the surrounding park offer an unforgettable view, especially in summer. This is an ideal place to have a picnic and relax.

    Polat Sulu Cave

    The cave is located in the town of Polat in Doğanşehir district. After the town of Polat, it is possible to drive the 6-kilometer stabilized road by vehicle. However, since the road to the cave has not been completed, it is necessary to walk a little to the cave. The cave is entered through a narrow and low entrance. The floor of the cave is slippery due to the moisture inside. The cave is located at the 2150th meter of Kuzkaya Hill, which is 2260 meters high. The cave is entered through a narrow and low entrance opening of 20 meters. There are many stalactites and stalagmites in both sections. It is estimated that the cave has remained in its natural form since its formation and most of it has not been touched by human hands.

    Apricot Flower

    The apricot tree is a medium-sized fruit tree. The flowers are pink or white and have a beautiful scent.

    Arapgir Mor Reyhan 

    Purple basil in Türkiye, which is a powerful antioxidant and aromatic plant which is using for the medical sector is a plant which has Geographical Indication Certificate field. It is an endemic plant that grows only in Malatya.