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    Kağıt Kebab

    It is a kebab that gives flavor to the palate after 10-12 hours of cooking by wrapping the back, leg and chop parts of the lamb in raffia paper with the tail in pre-heated stone ovens in Malatya bazaars.

    Analı Kızlı Köfte

    It is a century-old meal in Malatya, which is made for invitation and religious holidays. While making meatballs, one of them is filled with empty dough instead of minced meat and the intention is that the luckiest person on the table will get this one. Food suddenly turns into fun. Meatballs with meat inside and outside is a local dish that is served with dough meatballs, boned rib meat and chickpeas, and meal is served juicy.

    Banık Köfte

    This meal, where bulgur, which is frequently used in Malatya cuisine, takes the stage once again, comes out when lamb or veal is blended with bulgur and then fried. Served warm, Banık meatballs are among the most popular tastes of Malatya.


    When it comes to Malatya, we said we should mention apricot, which is the first thing that comes to mind at the beginning of our list, because we will frequently come across this natural flavor in many of Malatya's famous flavors.

    Apricot Kavurma

    Let's not think that only the dessert of apricots is made. The apricot, which is also used in meals in Malatya, creates both different and very regular tastes. Don't forget to try this delicious flavor of roasted apricots, onions and cubed meat if you go to Malatya.

    Black Soup

    Black Soup, which takes its name from its color and thick consistency, is made from black chickpeas unique to Malatya. This highly nutritious flavor is also known as ashura soup. Crack this local flavor, which is both delicious and satisfying, is prepared by cooking the rolled tiny meatballs together with various vegetables.

    Malatya Kömbesi

    Many regions have their own Kömbe recipe, but the difference of Malatya Kömbesi from others is that the meat is on the stage. We also recommend you to try this delicious meatball made of meat and dough.

    Eggplant Pan

    This flavor, which emerges from the perfect harmony of eggplant and cubed meat, takes its taste to higher points with local cooking techniques. Eggplant lovers here!

    Apricot Dessert

    A dessert with apricots in our city, which is famous for its apricots, was essential. You should not leave Malatya without trying this flavor, where apricots roasted in butter are served with cream in it.

    Hot yoghurt drink

    This local drink, prepared by adding jasmine peppers into “ayran” and keeping it for 24 hours, is one of the products that have become the symbol of Malatya. You should also try this refreshing yoghurt drink with a different flavor with your meals.

    Malatya Dalbastı Cherry

    Malatya Dalbastı Cherry is grown especially in Yeşilyurt and Gündüzbey regions. In order to encourage the cultivation of Dalbastı cherry, the symbol fruit of the district, the Best Cherry Orchard and Quality Cherry Fruit competition is held every year in the last week of June. It has a very unique fragrance and also Malatya Dalbastı Cherry was registered and received a Geographical Indication Registration Certificate.

    Karlık Honey

    Karlık is located on the slopes of Beydağı, where snow does not melt in the summer and winter hill. Wildflowers abound in this beautiful plateau of Yesilyurt. When it comes to honey in Malatya, the first thing that comes to mind is "karlık honey"